This third volume of Thor: God of Thunder is further proof that Marvel made the perfect decision by appointing Jason Aaron to write this book. The Accursed is primarily focused on the five-issue arc dealing with Malekith the Accursed and his reign of terror after escaping from the Hall of Nastrond, but the stories that impressed me even more were the two that started book-ended the collection. Those two were quiet and intimate character pieces of Thor and his life outside of grueling battle and set away from Asgard. Aaron knows how to get to the emotional core of Thor and focus on character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Ron Garney handled most of the art in this collection, and it looks perfect. Garney is a welcome replacement for Esad Ribic when he isn’t drawing this book. Garney has a much cleaner, less pencil-driven style of artwork than Ribic does, but he has no problem retaining the tone that Ribic portrayed in the first two volumes. Nic Klein and Das Pastoras also provided some of the illustration and each artist looked great in their own way. All of them seem to feed well from Jason Aaron’s scripts.

I cannot recommend this series to anyone enough.

-Rob Pettinato


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