Three episodes into the third Flash season Barry is relieved things are back to normal or as normal as one could hope in a world where metahumans run rampant on the streets of Central City. We are informed of at least one alteration to the timeline in the revelation that Jesse Wells now has superspeed something that Wally had in the initial timeline change brought on by Flashpoint. You might recall during episode 1 Barry had both his parents alive and well and Iris and Wally were a sibling crime-fighting team. After Barry went back in time for this first time this season, Wally no longer had his Kid Flash meta-abilities. He spends most of the episode┬álonging for superpowers and believes he’s destined to be a speedster. After a conversation between Jesse and Wally, we learn that Jesse’s powers seem to come about in a time of duress which she believes triggered the superspeed. Wally figures that the only way to ignite┬áhis own super abilities is to stand in front of a moving car. At this point, Jesse saves him and lectures him on doing something so reckless.


This subplot is juxtaposed against Jesse’s father Harrison not wanting her to use her powers. Like any parent his apprehension stems from fear that she will put herself in danger. This is a fair point given what we’ve seen happen to Barry over the course of 2 seasons. Harry goes so far as to enlist Barry and Caitlin to dissuade Jesse from using her powers. In the end we see Harry accept her new persona of Jesse Quick after she teams up with Barry to take down a troubled foster kid Frankie with split personality disorder with the ability to control metal with her mind called Magenta. Magenta portrayed by Joey King, who played a young Talia Al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises, was under the influence of this season’s big bad Dr. Alchemy. Team Flash decide it is best to set Magenta up with a stable foster home in Keystone City as her troubles were far beyond her control. Perhaps at some point she’ll return as a good guy similar to what happened with Evelyn Sharp this season on Arrow.


Noticeably missing from this episode is Caitlin’s “cold” symptoms that were emerging in episode two. As the season progresses we’re sure to see more of her progression as Killer Frost. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she will mimic her Earth-2 counterpart as she might be able to control it just as Frankie hopes too in Keystone City.


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