Things have gotten off to a rocky start to the DCEU. Man of Steel which initially was intended to be a stand along film underperformed so WB called in the reigns to get the Dark Knight in the mix. The result? A movie that received poor critical response and divisiveness amongst fans. So with the DCU two films in we have the Suicide Squad a film about villains. The closest we’ve probably come to this sort of movie is Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy which featured more reluctancy than villainy.

The first half hour focuses on us getting to know the members of Task Force X. There’s Deadshot a hitman with a softside for his daughter. Harley Quinn the girlfriend of the Joker. Boomerang a thief. Diablo a fire wielding gangbanger. Killer Croc a man with the skin of a crocodile.

We also get introduced to the “good guys.” There’s Rick Flag, Katana and the one responsible for the Squad in the first place: Amanda Waller. Stated early in the film Waller’s motivations nearly mimic that of Bruce Wayne’s. Both fear a world in which superbeings or metahumans act against the interest of the world. Viola Davis as Waller is cold, calculating and ruthless seeking any means necessary to that end.

Going into the movie, I was a little apprehensive after all the negative internet buzz and 30% and dropping rating on the Time Warner owned Rotten Tomatoes. It seemed to eerily bring up March 25th so I was cautiously optimistic headed to the theater.

Overall, I liked the movie. Though far from perfect performances by Will Smith, Margo Robbie, Jai Courtney helped make up for a somewhat simplistic plot and at times weird editing choices. I would be remiss if I did not comment the new-look Joker courtesy of Jared Leto. Just to get it out of the way; I was never a fan of the design and disappointingly his performance seems to serve as an analog for the design. Yes, the relationship with Harley and Joker is there, but the acting reeks of trying to hard and there’s just a little bit of Ledger in the voice Leto chose.

Speaking of Joker, Batman does show up in this movie. While he appears in what seems to be flashbacks pertaining to Harley’s story, Suicide Squad takes place after Batman V Superman. This revelation adds to the inconsistencies of the Snyderverse. Batman killed throughout BvS and we see the damaged no pun intended Robin suit in the Batcave bearing the words “ha ha ha, batman… Joker’s on you!” This causes a problem. If Batman is at the point of no return than why is the Joker still alive? He was willing to kill Superman at the smallest of chances that he might turn bad. Hopefully, with Geoff Johns taking a more proactive role in DC Films we will see better writing and adaptations moving forward.


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