I am going to preface this review with a few statements: I won this book in a First Reads giveaway and I am not the most familiar person with the mythology of Diablo. I have not played the games in years, and even then I wasn’t absorbed in the universe, I was simply a casual Diablo gamer.

Where to begin with this review? I have the same issues with Diablo: Sword of Justice that I do with most other licensed properties turned comic: rough art, overly verbose, and misplaced lettering. The artwork in this book was a little sloppy at times and left much to be desired, but it almost had to be exactly what it was with the amount of dialog there was between characters. This story was full of talking heads spewing unnecessary exposition that could have been taken care of in a few short narrative boxes to catch readers (especially ones unfamiliar with these specific characters) up. The artwork, as abrasive as it may have been at times, didn’t have time to shine with the lettering covering up huge portions of panels. Sword of Justice could have greatly benefited from allowing the artist to tell more of the story within the panels.

I am a firm believer that the letterer is properly executing the job when the reader does not notice the lettering. This wasn’t the case with this book. I can’t even point out specific examples of where it went wrong, but I absolutely felt distracted by lettering placement.

Despite my gripes I did enjoy the story for what it was, though I believe it was a little long. Five issues could have been cut down to three and it would have had a stronger impact.┬áThis isn’t a book I will likely pick up again but not a waste of time either. If you are a fan of Diablo you more than likely enjoy this book far more than me.


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