What a delight this was to read! Batman ’66 meets the Green Hornet was everything I was hoping to read and more. The Batman and Robin from the Adam West/Burt Ward 1960s television show team up with the Green Hornet and Kato from their 1966 television show featuring Van Williams and Bruce Lee to take on the Joker and General Gumm after they conduct a train heist of sorts. The heroic team-up doesn’t always play out so well and the two crime-fighting teams often end up clashing with one another as much as they do with the criminals.

Now Kevin Smith has had some pretty admirable comic book runs in the past, but the opinion on his Batman work seems to be pretty divided at best. Maybe it is because he is working with the classic Adam West television version of Batman, but this team-up book should quell some of the reservations a person may have before checking this book out solely because Kevin Smith’s name is on the cover. Smith isn’t the only writer to praise here, comedian/radio host Ralph Garman tagged along to write the comic along with Smith and they make a superb team. I’m uncertain if one was in charge of plotting and the other took scripting duties, but whatever the case, they both nailed the voices of these characters. Multiple times throughout the book characters made me laugh out loud, which kept in touch with the overly-goofy nature of the Batman ’66 television show, but never once were the emotional and dramatic beats (and I use those terms as loosely as I can when applied to a story such as this) sacrificed at all.

The artwork was also a huge highlight. Ty Templeton, who handled pencil duties for the majority of the book, was on his A-game as well. Templeton got close enough in likeness to make the characters completely recognizable, but not too close as to make it a complete distraction from the story itself. The visuals helped with the fact that I could only hear each individual actor’s voice in my head while reading the story, and I absolutely loved it. The landscape Templeton laid out seemed a little expansive for this story, but nothing so far-fetched that you couldn’t imagine seeing it on the Batman television series nearly 50 years ago.

Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet is a book that any reader of any age can enjoy and get something out of. The story was equal parts beautiful, fun, comical, and nostalgic, and I only hope that this team returns to tackle another team-up story in the near future. Recommended, recommended, recommended!

-Rob Pettinato


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