The episode starts with Team Arrow monitoring an interrogation at the hive as the the new team wonders if Oliver will kill a drug runner for Samson (Cory Rhodes) he has strung to a zipline. At first the thug seems to be nonplussed with Green Arrow’s tactics figuring he won’t break the no kill rule. Oliver manages to regain control of the situation and gets the intel. At this point the guy makes the mistake of telling Oliver that he should take some of the drugs so he could chill out. This was a mistake as Oliver takes a nod from The Dark Knight; dropping him from a height that won’t kill him but at the very least will leave him in need of crutches. “I’m not gonna kill you but i can’t guarantee you walk away from this.” That was probably my favorite line of the episode and probably the season through the first three episodes.

I loved how this episode addressed how Oliver always seems to catch people talking about him. This is noted by felicity stating “would you please stop talking about Oliver when he can walk in at any second?”

Meanwhile, Diggle is having his own problems. He’s in military prison and of all the people to share a cell with he is stuck with Floyd Lawton. Diggle is confused wondering how he possibly could have survived the explosion from Season 3. Diggle to the surprise of Lawton reveals he killed his brother Andy. When Lyla visits, we find out that Deadshot is not actually in the cell with John. It appears Diggle is suffering from the guilt of having to kill his brother last season. Arrow fans may be disappointed that we only see Deadshot in this hallucination. I, however, am of the mindset that he is still out there and this may be a teaser of things to come.

New recruits Renee/WildDog and Evelyn decide to scope out Samson’s drug lab after Oliver ignores Renee’s intel about Samson’s drug operation. WildDog ends up in a scuffle with Samson and ends up knocking him into a vat of acid like in Batman 89. When Oliver gets wind of this he reprimands Renee for disobeying him.

Throughout the episode Felicity is dealing with the guilt about bombing Rory’s hometown. Curtis convinces her that she has to be honest him.

Samson despite being Axis chemicalled does not end up as the Joker, but does end up an indestructible supervillain. Oliver is not trusting his team and is out in the field alone. We are then flashbacked to Oliver’s Russian days with Anatoli telling Oliver to trust Bratva or the “process.” Felicity is voice of reason and convinces Oliver that he is responsible for the team’s actions. With a new found trust in his team, Ollie gathers the troops and they defeat Samson. The new team is treated with access to the Arrow-cave.

The episode ends with two cliffhangers of sorts. Felicity tells Rory about Havenrock and then he sadly walks away and Lyla asks Oliver to break out Diggle.


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